My battle with the beast (message at end)

“Help,help!” exclaimed Mark my brother as the monster latched onto him with his dagger like claws.He screamed and begged for help but I didn’t know what to do.I had never in my life seen such a horrid creature.

It had knives for teeth, its eyes were pure black and it had great fur like a lion.However what really struck me was the fact that it had horns the length of my hairy arm and that the beast stood on two hooves.I was completely mesmerized.

I stood from the top of the staircase and helplessly looked on as the beast teared my brother’s skull apart.Blood rushed out his body and began to run down to our kitchen.I stumbled backward a bit as my brain attempted to process what had just occurred.It was not long before the beast noticed me standing at the top of the staircase.The creature began to drag his hooves on the ground as he lowered his head towards me.I knew immediately he was beginning to charge at me.A million question rushed through my head.original

As the monster began to charge at the stairs my lightning quick reflexes took control of my body as I slid down the railing adjacent to the stairs.Confused and angry the beast quickly turned again towards me and got ready to charge again.At that time I knew it was a kill or be killed moment.So with that in mind i rushed towards the kitchen to find a knife or any weapon I could use to defend myself.Unfortunately, the beast had caught up to me and I soon found myself in the air.It had head butt me and sent me flying into the kitchen where I collided into a tiled counter with an elegant design.”Huuhahhaa!” I painfully shrieked trying to balanced myself as I got up from the ground.I was surprised that I had recovered astonishingly quick from that fatal blow.

On one hand, I was now within arms length of an enormous butcher knife however on the other the beast was slowly making his way towards me. So I grabbed the knife and tried to be offensive running towards the beast.The beast seeing me running, began to do the same.When we were within an arms length I slid under him and with one swipe of the knife sliced something between his leg.I did it so fast that I didn’t know what I had hit until I heard the creature wail in agony.As I looked in the direction of the beast there was a trail of a thick red substance.At that moment I noticed for the first time what I had struck. Of course it was his testes.Angered he ran up to me but again my lightning quick reflexes got the better of me and i struck the beast in his neck.He stumbled backwards a bit stunned at his defeat, before ultimately collapsing to the ground between the living room and the kitchen.”I have avenged you brother” I whispered to myself before collapsing.I had blacked out.– Photo

This was my first short-story.Most likely i will do another on Friday (UTC-4:00)Georgetown,La Paz,Manaus and San Juan. I wish that I could deliver more short-stories but because I have test coming up I wont be able to. I would like t encourage anyone who read this and enjoyed it to leave a like and give me feedback as to stories you all will like me to write because my website are my fan’s website (This is not permission to hack me).